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Professional Inspection & Audit Services

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PRIAAS Professional Inspection & Audit Services was established in 1994. Since its inception, it has built itself out of its extraordinary services & its excellent reputation. PRIAAS offers top notch quality control services, Supplier Verification, Factory Audits , Loading Supervision & Monitoring & and product Sourcing Services. PRIAAS based in Pakistan has its office branches in India & Bangladesh. PRIAAS' huge network of inspectors & auditors & its commitment to provide top quality services to its client is the core strength of the company. Our clients are spread throughout the globe with a vast scope of products


Our Philosophy

To meet the needs of our clients by providing them top notch Quality Control and Sourcing Services on a consistent basis.


Our Vision

PRIAAS understands delivering consistent quality demand.  We are able to fulfill this demand with the help of our experienced and knowledgeable project managers & quality controllers . Each of our staff is with at least five years experience in relevant field PRIAAS aims to listen to the needs of its clients.  Hence before any inspection, we corresponds with our clients understanding their concerns and explaining our Inspection process. We strongly urge our clients to communicate us their concerns about the products, so these are well addressed during inspection. This is what makes us different from other Inspection Companies.  Hence our clients tends to work with us on long term basis.


Our Mission & Values

Proactive Results -- Knowledgeable Staff -- Cost-effective Services -- Confidentiality

Timely Informative Feedback -- Guaranteed Quality Solutions

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