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Professional Inspection & Audit Services

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PRIAAS believes that quality inspection is inspecting a product through buyer

r's eyes.  Comparing it to the technical sheets, approval samples and most importantly from a sellable point of view.  Hence also seeing the product through end user's eye.  An understanding of the end market, where product is likely to sell, is necessary as well. PRIAAS provides the following quality inspection services:





By performing inspections before the goods leave the factory, problems are identified while the goods are with supplier. Hence prior Inspections save a lot of money and keeps the headaches away. Inspections ensure that customers' requirements and expectations are met. A consistent inspection program not only saves the buyers time involved in shipping bad products back to the factory, it actually helps buyers to grow their business in the competitive market.

During a pre-shipment inspection, an Acceptable Quality Level sampling plan is used for inspections. Our Quality Controllers verify that finished goods have been made up to your specifications. The inspections are normally conducted at MIL-STD-103E, ANSI Z1.4-2008 or known as AQL standard. Inspections sometimes are also conducted as per customer's own desired standard.

Piece to Piece Inspection

The final inspection can be conducted on piece to piece basis i.e. 100% inspection of goods.



PRIAAS issues a comprehensive report of each inspection, detailing all necessary findings,
digital pictures of products, shipment packed and faults found. The report is generally submitted within 4-12 hours after inspection. We realize the importance of delivery of goods and ensure that you receive important information about your product as soon as possible. Our Project manager is always available to answer any query or points you might raise.

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